Ying Gao
Fashioning the intangible: the conceptual clothing
Zanoah Bia + Anne-Sophie Gauclin_Volume2, November 4, 2013
Ying Gao/Pod_Dominique Lafond
Ying Gao/Pod_Dominique Lafond
Twenty things you should know about Ying Gao...

EgoDesign: Who are you / How would you describe yourself?

Ying Gao:
Designer and professor at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). - Ying Gao is Director of the Exercices de style design laboratory and a professor at UQÀM’s Graduate School of Fashion as well as its School of Design. In 2002 and 2003, she completed a double project that included two clothing collections, “Pékin” and “Accidents de parcours,” inspired by the traditional hutong architecture of Beijing as well as the city’s newer urbanization. Returning to Montréal in September 2003, Ying Gao tackled the projects “Cardigan météorologue” (2005) and “Indice de l’indifférence” (2006), in which she investigated the relationships between individuals, their cities and their climatic and social environments. Ying Gao created two new projects, “Walking City” and “Living Pod,” in 2007 and 2008. These involved two types of interactive garments, one inflatable and the other light-sensitive, developed as a tribute to the British architectural collective Archigram. -

ing Gao/Walk_Dominique Lafond
ing Gao/Walk_Dominique Lafond
E.D.: Tell us more about your avant-garde approach to fashion design, linking it to transformations taking place in cities?

Y.G.: For the 2009 Phyllis Lambert Design Montréal Grant: This is the development of four items of modular clothing making referrence to two cities belonging to the UNESCO Cities of Design network, Berlin and Nagoya. In collaboration with designer Karl Latraverse, this project is a reflection of the garment-wearer in the non-places of over-modern metropolis`. It is the influence of over-modern architecture on contemporary clothing. According to the anthropologist Marc Augé (1992), over-modernism is producing "non-places" which explain the recent changes in the relationship of the individual with time and space. Non-places are defined by the facilities supporting the accelerated movement of people: airways, highways and large distribution areas. The conceptual references and aesthetic design of these garments will be inspired by two UNESCO Cities of Design, Berlin and Nagoya.

Ying Gao/Pod_Dominique Lafond
Ying Gao/Pod_Dominique Lafond
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