Sophie Ristelhueber
Temporal + spatial + Images
J.D.P.M, March 9, 2009
Sophie Ristelhueber/_Portrait.
Sophie Ristelhueber/_Portrait.
Eleven Blowups, 2006
As is often the case with Ristelhueber, the idea for this work was set in motion by a photograph, that of the car bomb killing of Rafic Hariri in Beirut on 14 February 2005. The presentation of this piece is adapted to its space. Here, 3 of the 11 images in the series are stuck directly onto the walls of the entrance hall in an “edge-to-edge” dialogue with the Tuileries gardens. Since it was impossible to travel to Iraq, Ristelhueber spent long hours at the Reuters agency in London studying rushes of videos by Iraqi cameramen showing car bombings in Iraq. The ground-level views of the huge craters caused by the blasts inspired these images which sometimes use bits of the landscapes she photographed when travelling in Iraq in 2000, or a mixture of elements from previous journeys.

Le Chardon, 2007
video [Beta digital], colour, 6’, sound_When invited to make a work in the Vercors natural park, Ristelhueber chose to make a film. In this work three travelling shots closely explore the texture of the black rock in a gorge and that of a mended road. Over these images we hear Michel Piccoli reading an excerpt from a Tolstoy story, a recollection evoking nature’s vitality and ability to survive the destruction wrought by man.

Fatigues, 2008
video [Beta digital], colour, 5’44’’, sound_Made specially for this exhibition, this film closes the sequence. The title refers both to moral and physical state of fatigue and to the clothes worn by soldiers to do various chores. Ristelhueber filmed three photographs from earlier series which she blew up to a giant scale and stuck to the wall or floor. The camera movements and sound track highlight the questions that inform her approach, and enact her probing of the physical scale of territories, while including her own body in the process.

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