Origin of Fragrances : Through smoke…
Origin of Fragrances
Through smoke…
T.B., March 2, 2020
The word "perfume" is a derivative of the Latin word "parfumare" meaning "through smoke". The old ones of Egypt were useful of fumigations to honour their gods. They sought wood aromatic, grasses, roots, etc... to create perfumes. They burnt the famous incense called Kyphi, a very odorous mixture composed of the myrrh, Matsic tree, bays of juniper, seeds of fenugreek, pistachio and edible shoveler duck, the whole crushed and mixed with wine and a preparation cooked containing resin and of honey.

Perfumes/Égyptiennes 1300 B.C_Africa
Perfumes/Égyptiennes 1300 B.C_Africa
The archaeologists discovered frescos representing of the scenes of everyday life with the use of scented substances in Egypt. They also discovered mud with alabaster perfume, which go back to approximately 3 500 before J.C. The Egyptians manufactured ointments and essential oils for their religious practices and their personal uses. They applied them to their skin to fine cosmetics or therapeutic. The ointments were preserved in cups or mud out of alabaster. There were also small stone or ceramics bottles. One of the supreme pleasures of the Egyptian women was to place, on their head, of the small cones of greases and aromatic resins, which, while melting, scented their hair and their face.

Bust of Nefertiti_Ancient Egypt, 1360 B.C.
Bust of Nefertiti_Ancient Egypt, 1360 B.C.
The Greeks continued the Egyptian practices with new reported fragrances their voyages. They coated the body of oils and ointments during the bath. The Greeks scented the body of their dead and they buried them with personal objects of which a perfume bottle. The aryballes made it possible to spread the ointment on the skin. The Greek athletes coated the body with them before each test. The Romans, in their turn, granted a great place to the perfume. They made improvements as for the ingredients and developed the use at the time of the religious, funerary rites of it and of the daily practices. The Greeks thought that the perfumes possessed medicinal virtues. They consumed some with excess going until sprinkling some on the walls and the grounds of their house. A great innovation was the use of the container out of glass.

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