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Creative requirements and regulatory
G.T., October 24, 2011
Roberto Palomba /The Laufen Palomba collection
Roberto Palomba /The Laufen Palomba collection
G.T.: A question about how your work has changed, in terms of artistic direction. A process of maturation...

Roberto Palomba
: Work changes. People who do this job in our country have the good fortune to change a creative process into a creative service. It’s nice because it is not expressed solely in designing a product, but also in communications, in putting a product in context, in telling its story. I must say we are also concerned with distribution, and I believe this is one of the most neglected areas of design.

Roberto Palomba /Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp
Roberto Palomba /Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp
G.T.: Distribution in terms of how the product reaches the end user, or the architect as medium between the company and the user.

Roberto Palomba:
 Of course. Making lots of catalogues, concerning ourselves with graphics and communications, we have once again found that word, schizophrenia, between what we do and how it reaches the end user. We come to the shops with an imprinting which is, in the best of cases, that of the company, but is often absolutely unsuitable for the local sales context. That is, a company of Nordic stamp, for instance, comes to the south and it just doesn’t have the right appeal. Now as I believe that design must have values of general appeal, as demonstrated by hybrid designs using furniture from the '50s, which are still relevant, we started working on distribution, seeking to understand in what context to take the value of objects, of design... putting it in context. So that the item has some hope of getting farther than the week of presentation after the Salon.

Roberto Palomba /Tubes Radiatori
Roberto Palomba /Tubes Radiatori
G.T.: A question about design of surfaces and materials. We have seen design change a lot in both interiors and exteriors. Ceramics, wood treated in every possible way...

Roberto Palomba: I believe this is really a good time to explore. It’s interesting to bring architectural materiality back inside... creating a single relationship between outside and inside. I’m doing a lot of research in this area at the moment and it’s lots of fun. I've been to Mexico to see Barragan’s work... not just fuchsia and magenta, but Barragan’s whites, with their light and shadow. What happens is that in those whites there are hues that become grey and turtledove... it’s a very interesting area to study close up...

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