Milan International Furniture Fair 2008
Samuel Accoceberry_Etagère Inifinity
Samuel Accoceberry_Etagère Inifinity
VIA Design France exhibits at La Triennale di Milano. Present in "the Mialn Off" for the seventh consecutive year, VIA has the pleasure of presenting for the first time at La Triennale di Milano the prototypes resulting from its annual program of Assistance Creation Grants as well as the 2008 selection of the VIA Labels awards.
Carte Blanche grant : Jean-Louis Frechin / Interface(s) 
Architect and graduate of the ENSCI, Jean-Louis Frechin worked at the INESC computer research institute in Lisbon in 1989. His passion for creation, innovation and strategic thought finds expression in new applications of information technologies and their interaction with our environment. In 2001, he set up the NoDesign office. He is also a teacher at the ENSCI where he founded the Digital Design Workshop in 1998. With ‘ Interface(s)' , his Carte Blanche, Jean-Louis Frechin continues his investigation of everyday objects and advanced technology, and proposes an interactive environment, made up of ‘furniture/modules'. In this space, daily domestic products and technological objects cohabit, merge and interconnect to form an ‘internet of objects'. 
Carte Blanche  : Every year VIA awards a research grant to a or several designers whose originality and maturity of creative approach are outstanding for the period. A committee composed of well-known figures from industry, distribution, creation, education and the press selects the designer, and the grant enables him/her to develop a personal project of a prospective character. Carte Blanche projects aim at developing products focused on everyday activities that reflect the life-styles of contemporary people. Beneficiaries receive support from VIA all along the project elaboration process, during which a constant eye is kept on market demands and technical feasibility. Carte Blanche assignments also give manufacturers, producers and distributors a chance to discover and meet the talented people who are designing the products of tomorrow. 
Ten Project Assistance grants 
•  Samuel Accoceberry /  Infinity  shelves 
•  Bina Baitel /  Pull Over   light 
•  Gabriel Dufour & Samuel Prigent /  Lamp malep leamp peaml…  lamp-shade 
•  Mostapha El Oulhani , Jérôme Garzon & Fred Sionis /  Fossile  storage system 
•  Thorsten Franck /  Tube_Box  storage unit 
•  Thorsten Franck /  Rambler_Rose  bookshelf 
•  Antoine Fritsch /  3L  standing lamp 
•  Joachim Jirou-Najou / Around  storage unit 
•  Adrien Rovero /  Particule  stool 
•  Benjamin Tortiger /  Tôl  bench

From April 16 to 21, 2008

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